Discipleship: a lifelong journey of obedience to Christ that transforms a person's values and behavior and results in ministry in one's home, church and the world. Discipleship is bringing the total life under the control of Christ.

The best thing that can happen to any student is to become a growing disciple of Jesus Christ. Likewise, one of the best things that can happen to a church is to have a group of teens who are growing as disciples.

  Churches need a strategy for leading students to receive Christ as Savior and to follow Him as Lord. This strategy should include a plan for helping teenagers to begin a lifelong process of growing in discipleship. We don't have to invent such a strategy. Our Lord has already given it to us. Our task is to fine-tune the strategy so that it fits the church we serve.

   Imagine the teenagers of your church saved and confident of their salvation and practicing daily disciplines of personal devotion. Envision them enthusiastically involved in the activities of the church and consistently living the Christian life. View them witnessing to unsaved friends in a natural way and cheerfully serving others. Such realities are not hard to imagine, because many students are already involved in these ways.

  One leader said, "Being a disciple maker is in obedience to the call and command of Christ. You are engaged in the most important calling on Earth."